The new green indoctrination is really old school

Wall Street JournalWhile many American parents are angry about the Common Core educational standards and related student assessments in math and English, less attention is being paid to the federally driven green Common Core that is now being rolled out across the country. Under the guise of the first new K-12 science curriculum to be introduced in 15 years, the real goal seems to be to expose students to politically correct climate-change orthodoxy during their formative learning years.

This is certainly environmental indoctrination, and it is certainly objectionable (if perhaps inevitable in government controlled schools) to use the school system to push political causes and beliefs. But it's far from new. I went to high school in the 1990s. I remember global warming was a frequent topic and events like "Earth Day" prompted speakers and assemblies. People usually manage to grow out of their childhood indoctrination once it is confronted by evidence to the contrary.

The problem is that the modern environment movement has successfully divorced itself from any reliance upon actual evidence among believers. The new ice age scare turned into global warming turned into climate change and now climate disruption. It has become completely unfalsifiable, unaccountable, and evidence free. The frantic data manipulations of climate "scientists" are no longer necessary. The faithful will believe in the face of proof to the contrary.

Pournelle lays out the end game:

Jerry PournelleAnd you get to pay for it, and your children will come home ashamed of their Denier parents: even as the evidence pours in showing that we don’t know much about climate even with our multi-million dollar models... But that isn’t going to be taught to your kids.

Our school system is so bad that perhaps it won’t be effective in indoctrination; but the next step will be to have the kids report their Denier parents, and then send Child Protective Services to help the kids resist the evil parents who are teaching The Wrong Stuff to their kids.

That's the end game, and it has always been the end game.

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