An unusually vigorous defender of spying on ourselves

TriggerFingerin comments at The Silicon GreybeardOur unusually vigorous commenter appears to be convinced that the NSA can stop terrorist attacks on the United States if they are allowed to listen to every phone call, read every email, and hack every server run by people in the United States who aren't interested in attacking themselves.

That's why there have been no successful terrorist attacks against the United States ever. 9-11 was a bad dream; the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber did not get onto a plane; no one attacked the cartoon contest; the Boston Marathon has never been bombed; a military psychiatrist did not shoot several dozen people while screaming the name of his god.

But we should be scared that all of those things might have happened, if only the NSA was not carefully spying on everyone in order to prevent them from happening.

Oh, wait...

Read the post at Greybeard's place. It's funny.

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