Proof that Hillary deleted emails?

InstapunditTHE HACKERS KNOW, BUT WE DON’T: A screenshot from a Romanian hacker confirms that two emails sent to Hillary Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal regarding intelligence reports on Libya are “missing.” Hmmmm… I wonder what happened to them? Nothing to see here–move along.

If Hillary did in fact delete -- or order deleted, whatever the mechanism -- then this could lead to serious problems for Hillary. Criminal problems. But only if she loses in 2016.

That shouldn't matter, but obviously it does.

Obama is obviously not going to prosecute anyone with a D after their name, at least as long as the party stays in ranks behind him. Hillary will obviously not prosecute herself for covering up Benghazi, which leaves a Republican president with integrity as the only possible hope for prosecuting the cover-up operation.

Chances of electing a Republican look pretty good. Chances that Republican will actually have the integrity to prosecute Hillary for covering up her role in the Benghazi cover up are slim.

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