Some religions are not compatible with democracy

American ThinkerThe red line is unequivocal: full democracies are effectively absent once the Muslim population reaches 6 percent or higher... You might ask what the relationship is between Christians and the democracy index. It is the exact opposite of that for Muslims, and even more statistically convincing. There is a stronger correlation (p=5e-22, r=+0.66), except in the positive direction, between the Christian population and democracy. The highly significant relationship between the Muslim population and press freedom is strongly negative. On the other hand, the significant correlation between the Christian proportion of a nation’s population and its press freedom is strongly positive.

It gets worse.

Breitbart via Bill QuickIn a recent survey conducted by, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support the Islamic State terrorist group, with 81% voting “YES” on whether they approved of ISIS’s conquests in the region.

Both of those news items simplify the issue considerably, yet make points that are vitally important. We cannot afford to allow large numbers of Muslim immigrants into our nation if we want to keep our democracy and our relative safety from terrorism. That does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, or supports terrorism, or opposes democracy. It does mean that the Muslim idea of democracy is substantially different from that of Western nations, leaving out important freedoms of speech and religion that the west takes for granted.

That is why the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Even a Muslim majority cannot use government to violate the rights of free speech and freedom of religion spelled out in our Constitution. But those protections are only as strong as the people defending them.

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