Geraldo claims he was fired for $200 donation versus Stephanopolous' $75000

Mediaite via Daily PunditGeraldo Rivera sees a double standard at work in ABC News’ decision to stand by George Stephanopoulos after the network’s chief anchor apologized for failing to publicly disclose $75,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation over the last three years. In a Facebook post Friday morning, Rivera claimed he was fired by ABC News in 1985 for making a $200 political donation and wondered why Stephanopoulos isn’t getting the same treatment.

This sort of thing is exactly why we have a written code of laws. People are expected to know the rules in order to behave according to those rules, and expect punishment with those rules when they are broken.

If the friends of the king are allowed to escape punishment, or face lesser punishment for the same (or worse) acts, then the system breaks down. Or, in our case, has already broken down.

ABC's internal rules may not have force of law, but the principle is the same.

I'm not particularly worried about the donation itself. I'm worried about the lack of disclosure while reporting on the Clinton Foundation. Not to mention attacking its critics and defending its donors.

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