The media bias never stops

The latest case to assault the deniers in the audience is the matter of George Stephanopolous. Those who were alive under the last Democrat president will remember him as a Clinton political operative who spent a lot of his time appearing on network news shows to defend his bosses against scandals and do his best to spin the news to minimize the political damage-- and, make no mistake, his best was pretty damn good considering the material he had to work with.

When ABC News hired him in 1996, after Bill Clinton lied his way to reelection, they promised to keep him out of political reporting. They broke that promise almost immediately.

In 2012, while Mitt Romney was running for President, Stephanopolous dropped a condom question out of the blue that would set up Obama's War on Women campaign theme for birth control.

In 2015, he was slated to moderate one of the Republican presidential debates... until he was caught conducting a hostile interview with the author of a book exposing corruption in the Clinton Foundation without disclosing that he had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the last three years.

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