ISIS graffiti in Texas with image of bomb not considered a serious threat by police?!

KYFOThe words “Allah Ackbar” and “LBK, TX,” along with a cartoon-like bomb drawing spray painted near a rest area in Scurry County were cleaned up by the Texas DPS Tuesday (May 12).

Sounds like a threat to me. Surely after the recent attack on a Texas art show by two armed terrorists, and the ISIS threat for more attacks in 5 specific states including Texas, the government is taking it seriously, right?

KYFOAccording to Texas DPS spokesperson Tom Vinger, the graffiti is not being considered a serious threat. “We have looked into this with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI – and at this point in time, there is nothing to indicate that this constitutes a credible threat,” said Vinger.

But surely we can trust the military to keep us safe, right?

Gateway PunditSetting aside all the of the world’s major problems for a moment, NATO foreign ministers ended their meetings in Antalya, Turkey with a sing-a-long.
The NATO ministers hugged and sang, “We Are the World”


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