TSA doesn't even know if its' bomb scanners are working

Free BeaconThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has such poor management over its airport security equipment that the agency does not know if its screening machines are working, according to an audit by the Office of Inspector General.

So, for over a decade now, the TSA has been slowing people down, sexually harassing them, taking pictures of them in the nude with advanced technology that may cause cancer, and violating the Fourth Amendment... in return for precisely zero benefit in safety because the machines don't work.

Free BeaconAmerican lives may be at risk due to ineffective maintenance of its equipment, which has cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.

When I started writing this post, I was going to object to this idea that American lives may be at risk because the bomb-detecting machines aren't working properly to detect bombs, and thus a terrorist attack might cost lives. The truth is that the TSA bomb-detecting machines have never stopped a terrorist attack. Every failed terrorist attack, including such famous incidents as the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber, got on the plane successfully.

But then I remembered that improperly maintained scanners present a serious cancer risk and that risk has not been fully evaluated.

So, yes, American lives are at risk thanks to the TSA's poor bomb scanner maintenance. From cancer, not terrorists.

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