California passes ban on .45 caliber ammunition

National Report via John LottThe California Legislature has passed a controversial Assembly Bill that creates a ban on the future sale and ownership of all .45 ACP ammo. The bill states that the ban on the popular ammunition is in effect immediately, however does include a 60 day grace period prior to state law enforcement enforcing the ban.

I can't even work up proper outrage over this anymore. I suppose the governor might not sign it. Ya'll in the land of fruits and nuts might want to call him or something.

National Report via John LottJoshua Lancaster, a spokesperson from the office of Governor Jerry Brown, made the following statement to the press, “The time to make clear cut changes surrounding our current gun laws is here. The ban on this unnecessary ammunition is a major step towards a safer society for our children. There are no obvious or justifiable reasons for one to own or use semi-automatic handgun ammunition of that caliber, if 9mm and .40 S&W rounds are sufficient for our police force to protect us with, they are sufficient for any private citizen’s personal protection."

I'm surprised there hasn't been more outrage over this. Maybe it's an april fool's joke that I discovered late? It can't possibly pass 2nd Amendment muster, can it? If you can't ban a firearm in common use, surely you can't ban ammunition in common use for over a hundred years?

UPDATE: I was right to be skeptical, though I didn't find the time to check it out more thoroughly until later.

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