IRS deliberately cut customer service funds

TaxProfDuring the 2015 tax-filing season, the IRS provided what its own Commissioner described as “abysmal” customer service, blaming skyrocketing wait times for telephone and in-person assistance on agency budget cuts. The IRS even called budget cuts “a tax cut for tax cheats.” But a close review of the agency’s spending shows the IRS deliberately cut $134 million in funding for customer service to pay for other activities. Spending decisions entirely under the IRS’s control led to 16 million fewer taxpayers receiving IRS assistance this filling season. Other spending choices, including prioritizing employee bonuses and union activity on the taxpayer’s dime, used up resources that otherwise could have been used to assist another 10 million taxpayers.

This is very similar to the Washington Monument strategy that Obama has employed in the past: when threatened with budget cuts, make your cuts in the most annoying, most visible locations possible, and then complain loudly about how the budget cuts are making people suffer. Other people, of course. People not you. Because people might remember that they cut your budget so that you would suffer, the emphasis needs to be on the suffering of innocent third parties.

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