What do you do when the predictions are wrong?

CBS has a study claiming that 1 in 10 Americans have "anger issues" and access to guns, implying that this is an argument for gun control. The problem is, if their thesis was true, this would show up in 1 in 10 Americans being charged with murder or attempted murder. And it doesn't; their model is falsified by existing reality. In actual reality, the odds of a particular gun owner committed a violent crime with their gun is literally millions to one, and the concealed-carry folks are generally even more peaceful people than the general population.

If you are a scientist, or have even a vague grasp of the scientific method, you look at this and say "The model doesn't predict the observed results, so the model is bunk and must be scrapped."

If you are a Democrat, apparently you call for another law to stop the murders that aren't happening.

They do the same thing on the next ice age global warming climate change climate disruption. Their hysterical mental model is stronger than reality, for them.

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