The media leak strategy

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok discussed a media leak strategy immediately before the Washington Post published a story about FISA warrants on Carter Page. We've had hints about this recently. So far, despite the IG report into the Clinton email investigation finding a culture of leaking, there have been no other specific examples of using leaks to the media to jumpstart or affect the direction of an investigation. But that doesn't mean there aren't other examples.

In this case, we have an open admission of the media leak strategy, which probably constitutes a fraud on the FISA court among other things.

I wonder why we didn't get to see these text messages before?

Congress is requesting a review of additional messages from three more sources at FBI and DOJ: Stuart Evens, Michael Kortan, and Joseph Pientka. In addition to those three, Weissman was also involved in media leaking and is still on Mueller's investigative team. McCabe, of course, has been fired for lying about his leaks and is now under grand jury investigation. This is the first batch of new information we've seen in a while, so maybe things are about to start heating up again.

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