So, the Daredevil series on Netflix

It's out and watchable. I enjoyed it, but I'm a Daredevil fan.

Good points:
It's reasonably faithful to the comic origin.
They hit the religious theme heavily, which the comics also did.
The whole first season is basically an origin story, and in doing that, they use one of Daredevil's really early costumes from an iconic version of his origin story -- so I recognized that and it was nice.
Jess the baby vamp from True Blood has the leading female role. Very good job.
The actor playing Matt Murdock is not someone I recognize, but also does a good job in both the acting scenes and the fighting scenes.
Fisk's actor came off well. His character development suffered due to script,
There's a one-liner setup for Electra.
There's a couple more one-liners for Iron Man and Thor.
Stick shows up.
The fights are brutal, and this is character-appropriate.
There is one ninja.

Bad points:
There is ONLY one ninja.
Script was pretty clumsy, and worse as time went on... but did have some good moments.
They blew a fair bit of their budget in the early episodes, which damaged their ability to break things and use fancy effects in the later episodes.
The budget allowed for one stock criminal to get beat up for information regularly. Just one. The same one.

In some ways I thought the low-budget for sets and such was appropriate. Daredevil is not about exotic locales or fancy gadgets. It's about a few blocks in New York -- poor blocks, filled with people at the bottom of the social and financial ladder, and their struggle to stay afloat while those on top try to sink them.

If they can find a scriptwriter for Season 2 who can keep the right tone while remembering that lines on television do not need to fit into a speech bubble, they have a real hit on their hands.

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