Senate Finance Committee investigation of the IRS

National JournalWelcome to the only bipartisan investigation of the Internal Revenue Service in town. The group consists of roughly half a dozen staffers from both Chairman Orrin Hatch's committee roster and that of ranking member Ron Wyden. They have become chummy over the last few years. Republican and Democratic aides meet regularly to share "hot docs" and observations from their individual perusals. As one aide put it, "There's no 'hide the ball' going on."

I will be interested to see what these reports produce. I believe this committee has authorization to view the unredacted documents from the IRS, so they have the opportunity to build a better -- or at least more complete -- factual picture of what happened.

Oddly enough, Wyden has earned some credit with me for his efforts to expose the NSA surveillance operations. I hold out some hope that he will do a credible job without trying to cover up smidgens of corruption.

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