Obama just took new unconstitutional action on immigration

Washington ExaminerObama intends to make it easier to bring more foreign guest workers to the United States — likely at significant cost to workers already here — by loosening the rules governing something known as the L-1B visa program. Under the program, a multinational company with offices in the United States can move workers from abroad to live and work in the U.S. for as long as five years in what is known as an intra-company transfer. There are almost no rules concerning what those workers can be paid, so there is no barrier to a company firing American employees and bringing in workers from foreign facilities to replace them at much lower pay.

And once here, legally, they can obtain identification documents and register to vote. As they will not be citizens, they should not be allowed to vote; but any attempt to clean the voter rolls of non-citizens will be challenged in court by the Obama administration (as they have already been doing for the last several election cycles). Thus, those who register will likely be able to vote.

And thus is America fundamentally transformed.

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