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Sandy Hook Advisory Commission report

The Storm Fizzles: Part 1

The Storm Fizzles: Part 2

The Storm Fizzles: Part 3

It's instructive to read the recommendations contained in reports like this and notice how they would have little actual impact on anything, besides their obvious goal of spreading leftist values by government force. And, amazingly, they blame Lanza's murderous actions on the "stigma" of mental illness.

The conclusion they fail to reach is a simple one. People who have a history of violence will often have violence in their present and future. This is not always the case; there's always a first act of violence, and some people do manage to reform. However, if you're looking for the most effective predictor of criminal behavior, looking at that individual's past history of criminal behavior is your best bet.

Trying to keep ordinary, non-violent citizens from defending themselves against violent attack has absolutely nothing to do preventing those violent attacks in the first place, because you are dealing with people who have significant differences in behavior and relatively little overlap.

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