Admission: FCC's internet rule claims authority to set rates for ISPs

The HillFederal regulators on Wednesday acknowledged that new net neutrality regulations could allow the government to interfere with how much companies charge for Internet service. The admission from Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will come as a vindication to critics of the new Internet rules, who have long warned that the agency’s powers will give it unprecedented control over the Web.

And the government setting rates worked out so well with AT&T.

The Hill“We don’t have such a case before us right now,” added Jessica Rosenworcel, a fellow Democratic commissioner. “But I think it’s a matter of due process that any provider... has the opportunity to come to the commission and seek resolution."

In the smoke-filled back rooms of Washington, "come to the commission and seek resolution" means "an excellent opportunity for graft, corruption, and boodle."

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