Google wants to split high-tech immigration from other changes

The HillGoogle's executive chairman Eric Schmidt is calling on Congress to separate high-skilled immigration reform from other comprehensive changes.

"All I'm asking is separate out this specific thing which will materially improve economic growth, it is good for many, many industries not just our own, it's good for politicians, more revenue more jobs," he said during a conversation Wednesday at the American Enterprise Institute.

The problem with Schmidt's proposal is that it is blatantly self-serving. It is good for him and his company -- good because it allows him to import lower-paid workers who are tied to his company rather than compete with other companies to hire Americans at pay rates commensurate with their skill and engineering knowledge. And it's good for politicians because Schmidt will donate a fraction of the money he saves by replacing American engineers with foreign indentured servants who will be kicked out of the country if they quit their jobs to take one that pays better.

And why is he so desperate?

Well, the fact that the cozy no-recruiting agreement Google had in place for Silicon Valley just cost him and Apple $415 million might have something to do with it.

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