Congressman Meadows sends letter demanding Ohr investigation

Sara CarterCongressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) sent a letter Tuesday to Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that Inspector General Michael Horowitz and recently appointed DOJ attorney, John Huber interview now embattled DOJ official Bruce Ohr and investigate “critical violations” in connection with the FBI’s handling the Russia investigation and the bureau’s process to obtain a highly secret warrant to spy on a short term-volunteer for the Trump campaign.

Not much actual news here; a Congressman sending a letter happens pretty often. But the demand to investigate Bruce Ohr and his involvement in Spygate is significant, as it indicates growing Congressional discontent with AG Sessions and John Huber, the prosecutor Sessions appointed to investigate Spygate. We have heard basically nothing about Huber's investigation so far, which could be good or bad; hearing nothing could mean there are no leaks or it could mean there is no activity to leak. Finding out that Ohr had not yet been interviewed when he testified to Congress on these matters appears to indicate that the needle is pointing more towards no activity to leak.

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