Treason or Blackmail

It seems that the new Senate Majority Leader failed to replace Senate Parliamentarian MacDonough when he "took control" of the Senate after the 2014 elections. Now, MacDonough claims that Obamacare, which the Democrats had to pass using a technique called reconciliation with less than 60 votes, cannot be repealed through the same mechanism.

CNS asked Cruz, “Given that the Senate enacted Obamacare in a reconciliation measure that required only 51 votes, would you support repealing Obamacare with only 51 votes?”

“Absolutely,” Cruz responded. “If it can be passed with reconciliation, it can be repealed with reconciliation. And we need to use every procedural means possible to fight to stop the train wreck that is Obamacare.”

But McConnell doesn't want to do it:

The Hill via The Other McCainShe was appointed to her post by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in 2012 and is respected by both sides of the aisle.
McConnell told The Hill in 2012 that it wasn’t necessary to replace MacDonough if Republicans won the majority.
The Kentucky Republican has also refused to commit to using reconciliation on ObamaCare. Last fall, McConnell appeared to downplay expectations on a 51-vote strategy, telling Fox News that it would take 60 votes and a presidential signature to nullify the healthcare law.

In other words, McConnell doesn't want to repeal it. He just wants to run on repealing it. Forever.

And that means he's either betrayed the people who elected him, or is being blackmailed with NSA intercept data. Or both; it could easily be both.

Not that this is news. It's just nice to point out the details occasionally.

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