FedEx refusing to ship Defense Distributed's CNC mill

Ars TechnicaDefense Distributed, the group that pioneered 3D printed firearms in 2013, informed its customers on Tuesday that FedEx has refused to ship the company’s latest product, a computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the "Ghost Gunner."

This could be the result of pressure ala Operation Chokepoint, or a simple misunderstanding of the regulations related to shipping firearms. For all practical purposes, the Ghost Gunner is a legal product, nothing more than a packaged manufacturing tool. There should be no problems shipping it; it's certainly not a firearm itself.

Defense Distributed's Wilson via Ars Technica"Now FedEx has told me that they will NOT ship my product at all, and though they will not give me a reason in writing, they have told that it is because my machine allows an individual to make a gun.

I will find another way to ship the machine. I emailed today because I feel you should know that FedEx is uncomfortable with the constitutionally protected right to make a rifle free from government surveillance. They may cater to the firearms industry, but they have a specific antipathy to the non-commercial acquisition of firearms."

I'm beginning to wonder if Obama's plan for his last two years in office is to implement gun control by stealth and regulation.

UPDATE: Thanks to saysuncle for the link. More details on the story at Wired.

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