Confirmed: Justice Department has an operational database of guns and cars

Wall Street JournalThe Justice Department has been building a national database to track in real time the movement of vehicles around the U.S., a secret domestic intelligence-gathering program that scans and stores hundreds of millions of records about motorists, according to current and former officials and government documents.

That's the "car" part of the database. Put it together with other databases, such as state lists of concealed-carry permit licensees, and you can find out if a particular car is likely to have a gun, as happened to this Florida resident driving through Maryland. We know their motivations are centered around guns because they originally intended to deploy this around gun shows:

Wall Street JournalA federal agent proposed using license-plate readers to scan vehicles around gun shows in order to aid gun-trafficking investigations, according to an internal Justice Department email.

It seems clear this is a fully operational gun-registration program that purports to be about cars and has been kept mostly secret until now.

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