Government monitoring gun shows with license plate readers

Shall Not Be QuestionedAccording to the ACLU, the DEA and ATF were conspiring to use license plate readers at gun shows. Presumably all this was because, war on drugs, and because, terrorism or something like that. You have to wonder with as pervasive as the surveillance state is becoming, with technology enabling it to ever greater heights, how long we have until there’s de facto registration even without the government even needing to resort to 4473s. Just watch a gun range for a while via drone or satellite, and just start compiling a list. Soon you won’t even need people to do this. You won’t even need to specifically focus the camera on the gun range. It’ll all be done algorithmically by computers, compiling tons and tons of data to be called up and analyzed any time the powers that be want to scrutinize someone.

The only thing I have to add to this is that it is no longer a hypothetical situation. Between satellites, drones, automated license plate readers, financial monitoring of credit card transactions, the paper 4473s, NICS, and NSA monitoring of communications activity (including email, telephones, and web traffic) the government could compile a list of gun owners and match that list to a high-confidence list of what firearms they owned with relatively little effort. It wouldn't be serial numbers, but probably close enough for the cop on the raid to ask you where the AR-15 you bought last year is and why you didn't turn it in.

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