I am aghast

It actually took me a little bit of thought to decide on that adjective. My first thought was shocked; but I'm hardly surprised by the Obama administration's incompetence and mendacity anymore. Sometimes I am horrified by it, sometimes I am infuriated by it; most of the time I am resigned to it. But this particular instance needed a new word for emphasis.

I can understand the president feeling slighted by Congress inviting Netanyahu to speak. Foreign policy is traditionally the president's realm, but if he was intent of keeping it that way he should make more of an effort to avoid screwing it up. So feeling slighted is understandable. A competent president might make the argument that Congress receiving Netanyahu without the President's involvement is unconstitutional, but this president doesn't seem to care about that and is evidently incapable of making that argument coherently even when it would be to his advantage.

Having a temper tantrum in the media about it, however, is definitely not. That's just childish.

Worse is the announcement that the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) is supposedly against sanctions on Iran and at odds with Netanyahu on that topic. If true, this would be the sort of thing you bring up in a private meeting with the other head of state, to avoid political embarrassment. But of course, the point here was to cause political embarrassment in order to hurt Netanyahu's chances in upcoming elections. Which is another thing that experienced diplomats try to avoid doing, because if the gambit fails they have just pissed off a sitting head of state.

Of course, Netanyahu has lots of reasons to be pissed at Obama already, so maybe this was a cheap shot.

But the worst part?

The worst part is knowing that our president, AND all of his advisors, are stupid enough collectively to believe they can announce that the Israeli intelligence agency disagrees with the Israeli head of state without that intelligence agency immediately issuing a press release to the contrary. I mean, that is the instant, obvious, effective response in their national interest, even and especially if that response is true.

In fact, the response from Mossad was so swift, so accurate, complete with transcripts of the conversations in which the claim was supposedly made, that I am convinced it cannot be that simple and obvious. No, I think this was a setup. I think the claim that Mossad disagreed with Netanyahu was a deliberate leak, a petty revenge on a petty man, and Obama took the bait like a... chickenshit.

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