The school shootings that didn't happen

The BlazeNational Public Radio uncovered deeply flawed data published by the U.S. Department of Education, following an investigation that found that more than two-thirds of school shootings reported to the authorities during one school year did not actually occur.

The report states that “nearly 240 schools (0.2 percent of all schools) reported at least one incident involving a school-related shooting.” It also noted that “over 100 schools (0.1 percent of all schools) reported a school-related homicide involving a student, faculty member, or staff member.”

NPR reached out to each of the schools cited as having a shooting incident, and “found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened.”

Let me spell it out for you. The numbers in reports like that published by the Department of Education are used to make policy -- gun control, security for schools, funding for things like school resource officers or surveillance systems or even metal detectors. The reports are compiled mostly to support policy initiatives by politicians. The people writing the reports, the people compiling the data, and the people submitting the data all know that.

Of course they skew the results to emphasize their own policy preferences.

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