Lanny Davis retracts claim Trump knew about Russia meeting

He also admits he was CNN's source for that claim, but CNN refuses to retract their story. I think what we are seeing here is not an honest mistake but a clever bit of game-playing by Lanny. He doesn't ask his client if Trump knew about the meeting, but he goes on the air and says -- based on his "instinct" that Trump had to have known. That's taken as him speaking for his client. But he's just speaking about his own opinion, particularly as a cyncial Clinton operative.

So he says this, the story gets out there, CNN refuses to retract, and the public is left with the impression Trump knew despite the complete lack of evidence to that effect.

The impression is why Lanny Davis said what he said. It was not a mistake or an off the cuff remark. It was a cynical exploitation of the fact that the retractions never get the same attention as the original bombshell claim -- especially if they are never formally retracted.

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