State and federal cooperation as applied to guns and immigration

In an uncharacteristic moment of stupidity, Rick Moran wrote:

Rick Moran at PJMediaIt certainly is a novel approach, but probably doomed to fail. The problem has been the Supreme Court, which has ruled several times that state and local governments are not required to assist ICE in enforcing immigration law.

If that's true, why do state and local government assist the government in enforcing drug laws or gun laws?

Maybe he forgot that states don't all assist the federal government with enforcement of drug laws. See Colorado, among others, which has legalized "medical marijuana".

Insofar as states assist with gun law enforcement, it's because:
1) the federal government conditions such assistance on various funds, ie, the states get paid.
2) the "gun laws" being enforced are generally accepted as having a close relationship to crimes of violence, ie, the states want to cooperate.

And of course many of them don't -- see the various situations where states were found not to be reporting psychiatric confinements or disqualifying crimes to the NICS database.

"Sanctuary" states are a problem, but I'm not entirely sure it's a problem best solved by forcing states to cooperate. Cutting off federal funds if they don't seems workable. Arresting governors or mayors does not.

That said, there's not cooperating and then there's active resistance, as well as laws against harboring fugitives. If state law enforcement is told to interfere with or resist federal law enforcement, we have a name for that.

We call it Civil War.

This is uncomfortably close.

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