Inspector General identifies 2,500 potential links to Obama's White House

In a shocking revelation, the Treasury Inspector General has identified some 2,500 documents that “potentially” show taxpayer information held by the Internal Revenue Service being shared with President Obama’s White House.

What does "potential" mean in this case? We don't know much more than what the Inspector General's office told Cause of Action:

My client wants to know if you would consent to a motion pushing back (in part) TIGTA’s response date by two weeks to December 15, 2014. The agency has located 2,500 potentially responsive documents and anticipates being able to finish processing 2,000 of these pages by the December 1 date. It needs the additional two weeks to deal with the last 500 pages to determine if they are responsive and make any necessary withholdings. We would therefore like to ask the court to permit the agency to issue a response (including production) on December 1 as to any documents it has completed processing by that date, and do the same as to the remaining documents by December 15. I note that the court’s remand was for a “determin[ation],” which the D.C. Circuit has recently explained can precede actual production by “days or a few weeks,” but we would prefer to simply agree on a date for turning over any of the remaining 500 documents that may be responsive.

The original FOIA request was for documents sharing taxpayer information with the White House. I don't think we can fairly assume that all 2500 potentially responsive documents actually are responsive; for all we know, the people handling the FOIA response simply searched for emails between IRS addresses and White House addresses. But even so, that's 2,500 potential felonies; it's hard to believe that, given what we know was going on with Lerner and her department, that none of those thousands of documents contain anything improper.

Between this and the Inspector General's recent discovery of 25,000 missing Lerner emails from backup tapes that IRS Commissioner Koskinen repeatedly claimed under oath could not possibly contain any Lerner emails, we may be about to see things heating up quite a bit in DC.

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