Checking your privilege

In a Victimocracy, suffering is the exclusive privilege of the elites. No one else is allowed to suffer except them. No one else has ever been oppressed, has felt pain, been insulted, abused, degraded, enslaved and ground down into the dirt except the very people who are grinding you into the dirt now.

This rings a bell. In a discussion on another website, I remember arguing that the accomplishments of non-minority individuals were worthy of respect, even though those people -- myself included -- did not have to overcome horrible barriers and discrimination and racism. Hard work, intellectual effort, and long hours were involved in learning to be a professional software engineer. I am proud of that, and my career accomplishments. I can be proud of that without putting down someone else's accomplishments, and it's certainly not the same as "playing a game on easy mode", as John Scalzi once put it.

Being told to "check my privilege" and that nothing I have accomplished in my life is worth being proud of because I'm not a minority is racist.

And yes, people have told me those exact things.

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