Obama's FBI director does not believe you have a right to privacy

He's hinting at legislative action to prevent cellphone manufacturers from including secure encryption in their products, because he wants to be able to take your cellphone from you and read everything you have stored on it... which is basically your whole digital life for most people these days.

But the worst part of his speech is this:

Comey stressed that neither he, nor the FBI, has the answer to these thorny issues. Yet the public needs to resolve the questions, he said. In addition, the pendulum of public opinion — which had swung far to the side of security following 9/11 — has now swung too far in the opposite direction, he said.

That's so misleading it's actively deceptive. The key to the deception is the term "public opinion"; yes, after 9/11, public opinion strongly favored more surveillance of terrorists. Congress passed the Patriot Act, a pre-written wishlist for law enforcement that removed important safeguards keeping criminal investigations separate from national security activities. That wasn't enough so legal protections were quietly eroded further several times. Now, we get the NSA feeding information to the DEA, and the DEA making up lies in court about where they got the tip to stop a particular car. Under Obama, things have gotten measurably worse, with the surveillance apparatus directed away from terrorists and criminals, and focused on ordinary people.

Now, the pendulum of public opinion has swung back. But not one law has been changed. Not one NSA program has been shut down.

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