Ebola and biowarefare updates

Another confirmed Ebola patient, this one in New York City. The man is a doctor who was treating Ebola patients in Africa and returned to the US for some reason. He was self-monitoring for symptoms, but otherwise engaging in a normal life that included trips with the Uber cab service, subway rides, and bowling. Now, he's tested positive for ebola. Another aid worker has been hospitalized with symptoms after returning to the US, and is awaiting test results. Another possible case in Nashville.

And the epidemic in Africa is growing exponentially -- fast enough that they can't even keep track of it.

Why the fuck can't these people who know they are at risk for the disease self-quarantine while they wait out the incubation period?

To top it off, 5 embassies in Istanbul (US, Canadian, Belgian, German, French) received an envelope containing an unknown yellow powder. Previous "powder mailings" in the US have been anthrax. No idea what this stuff is yet, but it's not health food, that's for sure.

The measures we have to defeat Ebola rely on the patients and the people exposed to the patients cooperating. That assumption is no longer operative.

UPDATE: Another traveler quarantined and being tested for Ebola.

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