McCain discontinues medical treatment and then passes away

He chose to discontinue medical treatment, and then passed away. I don't really have anything nice to say about the man. He attacked both the 1st and 2nd amendments with more success than most, and he's repeatedly tried to pass amnesty legislation on immigration. Some have called him a war hero due to the time he spent as a prisoner of war. I don't agree with that. The man served, but broke under torture, and failed to redeem himself in his political career. He deserves the respect all humans are due, and pity for what he was forced to endure, but that is all.

That said, I didn't know him personally, so it all boils down to political disagreements. As far as I know, which is not at all, he was a lovely man in his private life and often stopped to help dogs across the street and play fetch with little old ladies.

If they give his seat to his wife Cindy McCain, it would be despicable and unAmerican. Legislative seats are not heritable goods or titles of nobility.

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