Reporter refuses to pay his taxes over IRS scandal

It's one of those grand gestures that sounds more grand in the abstract description than in the reality:

I did not pay my taxes this year. I just didn’t have the money. Now I will not pay my taxes until every single Lois Lerner email is released and the people who planned and carried out this governmental travesty are held accountable. So start watching that clock, John Koskinen, if you think you’re going to get my overdue money, and every day this goes on is another day I’m not giving you a dime (soon it will hit 619 days, one for every hard-earned dollar I “owe.”)

I’m not giving you $619 I need so I can subsidize a fraction of a new salary bonus for some unethical bureaucrat who audited my friends and fellow countrymen. Your corruption cast a hopeless pall over this great but troubled country and its great but jaded people.

It's likely this young journalist is still naive enough to believe that not paying the $619 in taxes he owed on April 15th after completing his income tax forms is a significant act to the Internal Revenue Service. He most likely doesn't realize that the bulk of his taxes have been paid, deducted automatically from his paycheck by his employers, and sent to the IRS as an informal loan until the accounts are reconciled each year.

There's a reason people grow more cynical as they grow older: they are learning.

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