Lerner given hagiography in Politico

It's been all over the web today and yesterday, but I'm not going to link it, because there is no new information in the "interview". There is a bunch of self-justification about peripheral matters, and revealing quotes about how Lerner "loves dogs" and "bakes brownies for the workers she supervises" but no actual new information about the scandal aside from name-checking the Mark Levin Show to justify her quote about Republicans being assholes.

It's more interesting to link to this piece at the Daily Mail, where some of Lerner's colleagues speak out:

But two former colleagues of Lerner's from the FEC, both of whom are Republicans, said she was a partisan to the core, as evidenced by her vocal support of stricter oversight of political donations, a stance generally held by progressives and strongly opposed by conservatives.

'Lois’ ideology is against money in politics, is ‘anti-contribution’; that’s her bias,' Craig Engle, a former executive assistant to a Republican FEC commissioner told Politico. 'Her ideology inhibited fair administration of the law.'

If Lerner was confident she did nothing wrong, she would testify under oath. That she refuses to, even as her own emails and those of her colleagues continue to disappear, speaks volumes.

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