Koskinen denies existence of IRS email backups

You have to parse his words carefully:

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen on Wednesday responded for the first time to assertions by a legal nonprofit that missing emails relating to the political targeting controversy at the tax agency exist on a governmentwide backup system. His conclusion: There is no such governmentwide email trove, and confusing media accounts were based on a misunderstanding.

There is no such government-wide system, no. Each agency is responsible for developing and maintaining their own backup and disaster recovery plans. By specifying government-wide, Koskinen can say something that is technically true but leaves an entirely incorrect impression. The IRS has an email backup systems and a disaster recovery plan -- or did until they canceled the contract a month after Lerner's hard drive crashed. And they don't want to retrieve emails from it because it would be "too onerous" to do so.

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