Whistleblower on IRS backup files

But Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who represents other conservative groups suing the IRS, cited a whistleblower who bolsters Judicial Watch's interpretation.

"I received information from a former Department of Homeland Security official who had security clearances. He just retired in April," Mitchell said. "He contacted me and he contacted Judicial Watch and some members of Congress and said there is backup material."

Without hearing him describe in detail what he knows, it's hard to tell exactly how big a story this is. But if there really is still backup material that really does contain the Lerner emails, and possibly other material, that would be very big indeed. Conversely, the whistleblower might be speaking only about the known backup systems, which the IRS claims recycled their tapes every 6 months.

But the fact that a whistleblower felt the need to come forward about this suggests that he may have specific information and details that the IRS is reluctant to disclose.

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