The deep state will try to defend Ohr

They didn't put up much of a fight over firing Strzok, Page, and so on. But there's a very odd op-ed over at the Washington Examiner...

Washington Examiner
National security attorney Mark Zaid once represented a client who was at risk of losing his security clearance "because he stole pens from an embassy when he was 14 years old," or so the agency he was at odds with claimed. The "ludicrous" example, as Zaid described it, was used to block his client from accessing sensitive information, thus precluding him from performing the duties of his job after he fell "out of favor" with his boss.

It's that sort of thing — the stealing of pens as an adolescent or the failure to report meetings with foreign officials as set forth by guidelines — that President Trump could rely on to strip Justice Department official Bruce Ohr of his security clearance.

Yes, he's seriously going to compare what Bruce Ohr did to stealing pens from am embassy at 14.

Bruce Ohr's wife was hired by Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton's opposition research firm, to work on the Steele dossier the Clinton team was using to try to smear Trump. That document was also used to start an illegal counterintelligence investigation against US citizens that was, in reality, a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign and administration. When Steele was discredited as an FBI source (a position he never should have occupied, given his employment with both Hillary Clinton through Fusion GPS and likely Oleg Deripaska), Ohr continued to meet with Steel and to funnel material from Steele's dossier work (obtained from Steele directly and, one presumes, informally through his wife) to the FBI so the FBI could continue to use it despite Steele being terminated as a source.

And that's just what we know from text messages and other documents. Ohr -- both Nellie and Bruce -- appear to have been full participants in the Spygate scheme.

That's a hell of a lot more than stealing pens, or even failing to report a meeting with a foreign source.

Washington ExaminerOhr, a career employee of the top law enforcement agency, was relatively unknown until his name appeared in a presidential tweet last week about ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who authored the now-infamous Russia dossier.

For anyone following Spygate, his name is very familiar.

Washington Examiner"Unlike the others on that list, if their security clearances are revoked or terminated, it doesn't matter much. It's more symbolic," Zaid said, noting that former intelligence officers rarely find themselves needing to access classified information after they leave government. "But for Ohr, if his clearance was revoked, he would lose his job."

He's already been demoted twice. How much of his job is really left?
And for that matter, who is this Zaid fellow besides "National security attorney Mark Zaid"? Is Zaid representing Ohr? Seems likely.

Washington Examiner"It's very easy to take someone's security clearance away if you are hell-bent on doing so," Zaid said, adding that Trump could "come up with a pretext of some bogus allegations that have some substantive value" if he decides to strip Ohr of his access to government secrets.

The allegations against Bruce Ohr are far, far more than just a pretext. Again, he's already been demoted twice for them. Likely the only reason he still has a clearance is so he could talk to investigators about what he was up to.

Washington Examiner
"The president could take it upon himself to revoke Ohr's clearance or he could somehow pressure the FBI to take action," said national security expert Brad Moss, who claimed the first option is more likely to occur.

"If it's the latter, the FBI would have to have civil servants and high-level officials putting their names on documents about why they want to revoke Ohr's clearance," he explained. "I would be surprised if FBI personnel would be ready to do that."

I bet the IG's name is already on several such documents.

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