Remember when the IRS scandal was just about the IRS?

We have already uncovered links between the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice concerning possible prosecution of the tax-exempt groups. Now the Ways and Means Committee has uncovered emails linking the IRS effort to persecute organizations supporting Israel to the State Department.

So, let's sum up.

The Internal Revenue Service, including Lois Lerner (who pled the 5th, retired, and possibly destroyed her hard drive to hide evidence), probably Steve Miller (who resigned), and probably at least 8 other people who also had hard drive issues, some of those people having logged a sizable number of White House visits. And also in possible targeted audits of critics, an angle which has yet to be sufficiently investigated.

The Department of Justice, beginning with Pilger, possibly his colleagues, and whoever it was who asked him to contact Lerner, in illegally receiving confidential taxpayer information and potentially using it to persecute organizations and their donors.

The Department of Justice, again, in running an "investigation" that appears to exist for the sole purpose of obstructing the Congressional investigation.

The Federal Election Commission, in illegally receiving confidential taxpayer information from Lerner, and in general coordinating with the IRS to do through tax law what the Supreme Court ruled could not be done through election regulatory agencies.

Multiple Democrat Senators who pressured the IRS to harass their political opponents. At least one Democrat House Representative who coordinated with the IRS to harass his political opponents.

And by the testimony of Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote, the ATF and the OSHA also engaged in harassing her organization and businesses.

When, exactly, does this scandal become newsworthy?

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