DOJ appeals special master order in Mar-A-Lago raid case

Conservative TreehouseA comprehensively corrupt and politically motivated U.S. Justice Department has appealed the part of Judge Cannon’s previous order appointing a special master with authority to review documents the FBI collected at Mar-a-Lago last month.

In essence, the DOJ-NSD, an agency within the justice department created by Eric Holder, is claiming no one outside the DOJ-NSD should be allowed to review the documents they have defined as “national security” interests. Main Justice really, really doesn’t want anyone seeing what the DOJ-NSD are defining.

For normal classified information, picking someone with a reasonable security clearance already and reading them in to whatever this specific information is would not be an issue. The only thing that DOJ needs to hide this badly would be the things that incriminate them in targeting Trump, because anyone who sees the full extent of that information and actually pays attention to it will immediately understand that this is more of the same.

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