The energy reduction act?

Conservative Treehouse“Our plan – powered by the Inflation Reduction Act – represents the largest investment in fighting climate change in our country’s history. It will put us well on our way toward a future where we depend on the wind, sun, and other clean sources for our energy. We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels.”

Of course, as the title of the legislation shows, this is not how it was sold to the American people.

And worse, it cannot possibly work. Neither wind nor earth-based solar energy are dependable. Greens, for whatever reason, refuse to consider (or fund, in this legislation) nuclear power, which is the only currently viable alternative to fossil fuels we know of.

Our best option for the future is simple: pursue all available energy sources. Develop the technology to use them with the most efficiency reasonably possible. As fossil fuels run out, something that will take hundreds of years, gradually shift to alternatives guided by the price signals embedded in free market economies.

But this will not happen, because...

Conservative TreehouseNot a single word about increasing the supply of any traditional energy resource. These ideologues are so committed to the cult of climate change and renewable energy, they are intent on destroying the economy in order to lower demand to the level of their windmills and solar farms. This is madness, absolute madness.

It is madness, and it will end in mass death. A storm of war, famine, deprivation, poverty, and vaccine injury.

I fear that is the intended result.

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