Carter Page lawsuit dismissed

Just The NewsA federal judge has dismissed Carter Page's lawsuit against the FBI and former Director James Comey alleging they improperly surveilled him under a FISA warrant.

The bureau surveilled Page under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in a process during which they concealed exculpatory evidence against him, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found in his 2019 report, per the Washington Examiner.

Judge Dabney Friedrich, in a Thursday ruling, dismissed the suit....

“If proven, these allegations clearly demonstrate wrongdoing... but Page does not allege that any of the individual defendants, including the unknown John Doe defendants and those most responsible for the applications’ critical errors, took part in obtaining the surveillance information, either by setting up the devices or gathering or listening to Page’s communications," the judge wrote.

In other words, because none of the defendants personally tapped any wires, they can't be sued. Well, the way FISA warrants work, the NSA taps the communications of the whole country and the warrant just allows the FBI to use the collected information in court. And it's clear that the defendants were heavily involved in targeting Carter Page, even if they didn't conduct it by personally listening to everything he communicated.

So this dismissal is bullshit.

Presumably there will be an appeal.

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