Red tape versus Red Tape

“The notion that these emails just magically vanished makes no sense whatsoever. That is not how IT asset management at major businesses and government institutions works in this country. When the hard drive in question was destroyed, the IRS should have called in an accredited IT Asset Destruction (ITAD) professional or firm to complete that process, which requires extensive documentation, official signoffs, approvals, and signatures of completion. If this was done, there would be records. If this was not done, this is the smoking gun that proves the drive or drives were destroyed improperly – or not at all.”

This quote is really amusing to me. One set of officious bureaucrats are trying to achieve publicity for their organization by blaming another set of officious bureaucrats for not properly affixing sufficient red tape to a relatively simple process.

Sure, in the case of the IRS, they are probably right -- a large organization like that is likely to thrive on red tape, and we are talking about confidential and sensitive data likely stored on Lerner's drive; the IRS' internal processes should have records of what was done with her failed drive. I imagine those records will come out in time, if they exist, as there is little point in hiding them. If they don't exist... well, that's another story.

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