My false-flag theory gains credence

I theorized earlier that Open Carry Texas, an organization composed of non-photogenic people carrying AR-15s and AK-47s in an unsafe manner into fast food restaurants without checking first shortly before Moms Demand Action would start a pressure campaign for the restaurant to ask gun owners to stay out, was a literal false-flag operation for Moms Demand Action. I don't actually know that that is the case, but when Target refused to issue a statement on the topic, it seems the false-flag operation was escalated:

Yeah, they went there. Four people open-carried militia rifles through a minority neighborhood using racial slurs. While some people on our side aren't exactly media-savvy, absolutely no one on our side is that stupid. (Stupid people and guns don't mix; evolution is rapid when dealing with lethal tools).

I am certain this was a false-flag op.

Proving it is a more difficult challenge, but we had better start compiling evidence now. Until it can be exposed this sort of thing will remain a threat.

(That said, these particular idiots may be deterred from future stunts by the charges they are facing. As Tam put it, carrying a gun is often legal; carrying a gun at people is not.)

UPDATE: I should probably point out that I support open carry in general. I just think that it's important to put on your best public face when doing so, particularly when carrying rifles as a political protest designed to get attention, and that when the tactic doesn't work -- as in this case, and other recent Open Carry Texas cases -- you should stop and adjust your tactics. For an open-carry activity done right, see Virginia Open Carry.

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