More details on the NOM donor exposure

What troubles us are a couple of things. First, [the IRS clerk]'s whole job was to make sure tax returns were properly redacted before being mailed out. Seems odd that the one time that didn’t happen was on the most politically sensitive set of donors.

Second, the IRS originally claimed the tax return got mailed out to Meisel in March 2011. But then a document was produced by Meisel in response to our subpoena in which he claimed to have a “promising conduit” for our tax return donor information. That document was dated February 2011 – before the supposed inadvertent disclosure. [John attached a copy of the relevant email that is omitted here.] So the IRS/DOJ changed the story, claiming without any further evidence that the return was actually mailed to Meisel in early February. Of course, they don’t have any documents to prove that one way or the other.

Third, and most damaging, in my view: Meisel asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when we deposed him. Because the DOJ has already announced that it would not be prosecuting anyone for this, we asked the DOJ to grant him immunity so that we could compel him to answer our questions. DOJ refused, which is a huge red flag that there is likely something more to uncover here.

So, the IRS released confidential and politically-sensitive donor information. When caught, they claimed it was a mistake. But another individual had claimed to have a "conduit" to obtain the data that he did, in fact, obtain. And when asked to testify, the person receiving the data pled the 5th, and Holder's Justice Department is refusing to grant immunity to compel testimony.

That makes two individuals pleading the 5th in the IRS story, so far.

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