Why Trump?

Following yesterday's raid on Mar-A-Lago, I found myself asking why Trump? Why was Trump, until the last decade barely a political figure at all and certainly not noted for extreme ideological positions on either side, suddenly such a significant figure that his nomination for president spawned at least half a dozen different coup attempts? Why are GOPe figures respectfully disagreed with, populists like DeSantis villified but allowed to exist, while Trump is considered so toxic that all rights, norms, and due process of law must be abandoned in order to prevent him from even being allowed to run for president a second time?

I think, in Trump, the Democrat party have created their own nemesis, and now, it is impossible for them to let it go. In 2015, when Trump first ran, he shifted the media's Overton window dramatically; suddenly new ideas that the media were suppressing could not be suppressed. At first this was great for the Dems and the media; Trump got great ratings and because he wanted to limit immigration, the media could and did call him racist incessantly. They thought his participation in the primaries was a joke, and if anything, they pulled strings to let him win. But, remember, Obama was president and he spent his entire two terms putting in place the structures to abuse the federal government, and specifically the DOJ and FBI and other intelligence agencies, and turn those agencies to Obama's political advantage. In 2015, all the Republican primary candidates were targeted by US intelligence agencies for opposition research. Trump wasn't special, they targeted everyone. Trump was just the person who won the primary.

For whatever reason, the targeting escalated. I think it comes down to three factors. Everyone thought for sure that Hillary would win, so it was safe to abuse their authority against her opponent; Trump was already being villified as a Nazi racist scumbag so of course it was OK to cheat against him; and, most importantly, Trump was clean.

Remember, the intel agencies control the politicians (both in Congress, in the Executive, and likely in the courts as well) through the use of what amounts to reams of freely available blackmail material in the NSA/FBI/CIA databases combined with the results of background investigations required to serve in government positions. But Trump has been investigated continually for 7 years now and they have found nothing that they could make stick to him. The combination of Trump's lack of vulnerability to blackmail and his "extreme" (from the DC perspective) positions meant they couldn't control him if, somehow, he got elected.

Thus was the "insurance policy" born; Clinton and her allies at the FBI collaborated (whether formally and knowingly or not) to make up material they could use to blackmail Trump. They didn't expect to need it, except to release hints about it as an October surprise, because of course Hillary was going to win.

Until she lost.

Immediately the internal coverups began, but it was too late; Trump had already been informed and announced publicly that his campaign had been spied on. This was no longer something that could be swept under the rug. Trump knew, and Trump was furious, and Trump was going to be president. And, in Trump's first month in the White House, James Comey (then FBI Director) attempted a very thinly veiled blackmail attempt on Trump using the made up material. Trump rejected it. It was clear: Trump knew what was going on, Trump was furious about it including on a personal level as he had been targeted personally, and Trump could not be controlled.

This resulted in a cycle of escalating attempts to get Trump which continue to this day. Each new attempt raised the stakes and revealed more of the players, exposing them to personal consequences should Trump ever manage to turn the machinery of government to his ends rather than those of the deep state. During his presidency, and especially towards the end of it, those involved in the abuses were facing a significant risk of prosecution (from Durham) and exposure (from Trump's collected files on his persecution, which he repeatedly attempted to declassify and release).

So the current state of play: Trump knows what they did, who did it, and how they did it. He has a collected file of this information which he attempted to declassify, but was stymied. Durham's loyalties and intentions are unknown. While out of power, Trump can do nothing with this knowledge, but should he ever regain power, he will be able to use it to cut through the opposition; and his righteous fury at being targeted will ensure that he does so as his first and most important agenda item.

I would be surprised if getting control of all copies of that material is not the FBI's real agenda here.

And the cherry pn the top of the sundae is that the election fraud needed to "win" against Trump in 2020 was so obvious and so substantial that it has made the existence and many of the methods of such fraud plainly visible to the populace at large; added yet another point of personal grievance for Trump; and yet another criminal conspiracy count against those on the other side. Each time the deep state extends itself to "get Trump" and fails, they increase their own risk and exposure to a counterblow.

Keeping Trump out of office has become a matter of personal self-preservation for the entirety of the deep state. It's not about policy, positions, or even personality. It's about survival.

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