Ex-IRS WH official denies knowing about lost emails

“I did not know that her emails were missing and unrecoverable or that her computer crashed,” said the lawyer who specializes in responding to congressional investigations, a few moment after Issa called her a “hostile witness.”

I'm curious how exactly the IRS missed the fact that these emails were missing. What process did they use to collect the emails that they were searching?

Did they look on their email server? That would be incomplete, because it only has the emails she had not moved to her personal drive. I presume that much is obvious, so I have to assume they acquired Lerner's PST file archive from her then-current computer. Did she tell them it was a complete archive, or did she tell them it was missing emails because of her hard drive crash?

If Lerner is protecting herself, probably she didn't say anything. But I would like to get everyone involved on the record, under oath, as to whether she said anything or not.

Once you have your collection of emails to search, there's another question: how do you search them without noticing that you don't have any from a 2-year period?

Her excuse is that they were searching by keywords, which could perhaps disguise the fact that some were missing... though you would think that anyone competent would notice the gap eventually.

Add in the timing issue, with Camp's letter and a separate lawsuit both requiring preservation of emails, and it becomes obvious that Lerner's hard drive crash should have prompted immediate notification of Congress and the judge presiding in the lawsuit... except that the IRS had something to hide.

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