A good point on the future of the IRS

The IRS knows — and conservatives now know — that it is now wholly and completely an arm of the political Left, and it now depends on the political Left for its continued viability. A future conservative administration and a future conservative attorney general will not be appointing significant progressive donors to “investigate” the agency. With the agency’s autonomy and perhaps even existence at stake in the coming elections, the only things standing between conservatives and redoubled targeting — particularly in the 2016 election cycle — are constant vigilance, mass public awareness, and a further barrage of litigation when the IRS lashes out once again.

The initial IRS targeting took place immediately before 2010. It was, on the whole, not very successful; they may have dampened the impact of the Tea Party, but that group still won a historic election for the Republican party. Whether the Republican party deserved their support is still in question.

Despite Congressional investigations beginning in 2011, the IRS continued to lay their thumb on the political scale. Perhaps they succeeded more thoroughly than in 2010; perhaps the demographic shift from a midterm to a presidential election changed the results; most likely a combination of both.

In 2014, the investigations intensified and the IRS has stonewalled. For all we know they are continuing their efforts to harass and suppress the Tea Party and other conservative or libertarian groups.

We have elections coming up in 2014. The IRS will be seeking influence those as well. We must remember to maintain our vigilance.

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