Black Lives Matter now tracking down police officers at weddings

Washington TimesBlack Lives Matter protesters on Saturday crashed the wedding venue of one of the two police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark in Sacramento earlier this year.

A small group of protesters tracked down the officer’s wedding at a vineyard about an hour outside of Sacramento and showed up just hours before he was set to say, “I do,” a local CBS affiliate reported.

This whole thing where leftists track down people they don't like in their private and personal lives and harass them needs to stop. It needs to stop because it is going to get someone killed, probably by a complete stranger who read about some other complete stranger on the internet and got mad.

UPDATE: And a leftist arrested for soliciting the murder of an ICE agent, not to mention an actual Dem candidate endorsing the beating of Senator Rand Paul.

To borrow a phrase, the news reads like that part of the history books that come immediately before the chapter with all the maps and arrows.

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