Exculpatory information left out of FISA warrant

Sara CarterHouse Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes stunned leaders in Washington Monday night, confirming that former President Barack Obama’s FBI failed to include “exculpatory evidence” in its FISA application against Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page.

I'm guessing the exculpatory information was the fact that Carter Page was working as an FBI informant in the earlier case he was involved in. That would be enough, because it's pretty devastating to the claim that Page was presently a Russian spy. If you tell the court that Russians are trying to recruit Page, that you think he may have become an agent, and you need a warrant to keep an eye on him, it would be pretty exculpatory to learn that the "Russian contacts" he had who tried to recruit him were then tried and convicted of espionage with Carter Page's help.

My theory is this: The FBI knew Carter Page. They knew he had contact with Russians and the Russians had tried to recruit him. They knew that if they were careful about their wording, they could weave those facts together with his volunteer status on the Trump Team to sell a narrative about him being a Russian agent and the Russians colluding with Trump to subvert the election.

I suspect the only suspicious contact with Russians Carter Page had was that related to the case in which he testified, which had nothing to do with Trump and the election.

The question in my mind is whether the FBI asked Page to cooperate in this scheme, and perhaps encouraged him to volunteer for the campaign, or just took advantage of his history to get an unjustified FISA warrant.

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