Court orders DOJ to preserve Comey's personal emails

Sara Carter“[T]he Court will allow [the DOJ] until September 28, 2018, to complete its review and release any responsive, non-exempt records to Plaintiffs. That being said, [the DOJ} is also ORDERED to make rolling productions between today and September 28, 2018, at reasonable intervals, of any records that are reviewed and found to be responsive and non-exempt. In order to avoid any possible issues later in this litigation, the Court will GRANT [Judicial Watch’s] Motion. [The DOJ] is ORDERED to take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that any records that are potentially responsive to either of the Plaintiffs’ FOIA requests located on former Director Comey’s personal e-mail account are preserved. Although it contends that such an order is unnecessary, [the DOJ] has not explained why this preservation order would prejudice the Defendant or cause any undue burden.”

To borrow a phrase, I'm sure these emails have already been "wiped, like with a cloth" to ensure there is nothing incriminating. In fact, a cynical mind would think that is exactly why the DOJ delayed here. Because there was no official order, they could send someone to run and tell Comey to make sure his email was clean before any official preservation order arrived. Of course, Comey likely did that on his own initiative a long time ago.

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